Wounded Ducks

 Your order must total at least $5.00 to buy in this category. 

The stamps offered here all have faults.  Most faults are visible from the front, some (such as disturbed gum) are generally not.  But again all stamps listed in this category are faulty stamps.  They my be creased, crunched, or scuffed.  They may have disturbed gum or shiny gum.  They may be torn or have a piece missing.  There are some good bargains here, especially if you are looking for fillers or if the condition of the back of the stamp is not important to you.  As I list these wounded ducks I will try to point out the stamp's faults in the description that shows on the "Details" page.    Since all these stamps are known to be faulty and are sold as such, WOUNDED DUCKS ARE NOT RETURNABLE.  Take a careful look at the scans provided; the stamp you see is the stamp you will receive.  Lastly, if you purchase a wounded duck, your total order must be at least $5.00.